Religions and Their God

Every religion has their own God. Not all people have a religion but most people would like to make sure that they believe in someone they do not see. However, what is the point of believing in god if their is no certain reason why. Here are the different religions that we can find on this earth.


Islam. People who believe in Islam doctrines are called Muslim. People in Allah as their God and they also believe that he sent his prophet Muhammad for his people. Their teachings are written in their Koran book which is like their Bible to them.

Buddhism. This religion believes in Buddha as their God and this is one of the mostly known religion in the east. People who believe in this religion are called Buddhist. They rely on the teachings of Buddha. However, there are so many versions of Buddhism so there is no certain teachings of the Buddhist that they all follow.

Animism. This is a religion that believes in all creatures are sacred and that they all have to be respected. This is why they have to regard everything having life.

Hinduism. This is a religion believing Brahman as the God who is eternal and that they are now making effort to follow their truth and teachings since that is the only way they can be reincarnated to the next life. There is no way they can enter eternity when they do not follow Brahman.

Christianity. Christians believes in Jesus as the God. If they do not follow the teachings of Jesus, they will fail to enter eternity. This is why they must be called children of God.