Facts about Christianity in Australia Today

Christianity had become one of the biggest topic worldwide. It created wide range of debates as well. We all have our own set of beliefs and traditions which we learned from childhood. However, as time passes, these beliefs could change. Other people can change their religion according to circumstances. It’s up to us if we want to stay in a certain religion according to what we believe is right. Still, debates and conflicts are unavoidable in terms of the topic about Christianity.

What are the facts about Christianity in Australia especially today?

Fact #1. In Australia, Christianity is their largest religion. The population in this country actually comprises of about 60% so-called Christians. While other religion is only a combination of 7.3%.

Fact #2. Though Christianity is the largest religion in Australia, there had been a continuous decline or a change in religious denomination. In fact, this change is more known as religious change. Why? Christianity decreased up to 22%. The attendance also decreased up to 48%. And can you imagine, 269% has no religion at all!

Fact #3. Population in Australia is continually increasing. However, church attendance is also rapidly decreasing since 1980’s up to this day.

Fact #4. Did you know? A lot of couple decides to held their wedding in a church before. But, what about today? Most would rather choose to have a garden wedding or a beach wedding.

Fact #5. Those who convert their religion is increasing rapidly. Not only that. The age of those who convert to other religion is becoming younger from 20 years old and above.

These are just a few facts about Christianity. Not only in Australia but also around the world.