Learning the true meaning of the trinity that many people believe

Majority of Christians say they believe in the Trinity. But if you will ask them to explain how it becomes like that they have a hard time. That is because there are Christians who just keep worship and do not study the bible because no one studies them what is the truth. Their church leaders only take care of themselves and do not show the correct way for people to know God as they themselves do not know the way. Let’s look at one explanation.

Have you understood what you have read? Do you feel it is the right explanation of the Trinity? God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is only one God. That is true and cannot be contested truth of the Bible. There are many verses that we could use to prove it. But many say that God the father is different to the God the Son. Or the explanation above that they are the same but different mission. All these represent lack of understanding.

If you know the correct verses to testify about the truth then you can easily explain it but many people try to explain for themselves everything. Because they have the mind that God allows them the correct interpretation when in fact it is not the truth because they did not meet the one prophesied to be the one who will open the seal of the Bible. If they will find Him they can be worthy of salvation.