Understanding the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit for our faith

In this world, we can be able to meet many people that believe in God. Even if there is a decrease in the number of those who are called Christians but it is still one of the branches of religion that are well known around the world. Are you a Christian? Then do you know what Christian means if you are a Christian? A person who is called a Christian should believe in Jesus that he came to this earth as a savior in the flesh.

In the infographic are the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are explained and summarized also. The Bible talks about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Then what are they and what would be their effect on us? Do we need to know about it and study them? It is correct that we should know about them so that we can pray and so we can be able to have them because they are essential to have a perfect faith that is worthy of salvation.

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is that we should have fear to our God because He is the one who gives us all that we need. Even if we make our plan and store the riches of this world making ourselves as wealthy as we can get but it would just be left on this earth at the time of death. That is why we also need wisdom that is another gift of the Holy Spirit.