Separate the clean from unclean: The command of God regarding food

There are many people on this earth and each has their own faith that is based on the teachings of the church that they belong to. There are many who were born and was taught what they should eat and what they should not eat. This is because there is the regulation that was written in the bible in regard to food but the differences occurred when it was interpreted by the religious leaders. But what is important is the true command of God.

You can see in the infographic that they illustrated the animals that were commanded by God not to be eaten and the one that could be eaten. This command was given in the old testament times. This is an interpretation of one church but if we will look into the doctrine of another church, they also have a different teaching. Then what should be done and be followed? If you will listen to their defense maybe you will agree that it is written in the bible.

But if we look closely in regard to the command of food, there are different times that God has changed His command regarding food. He gave a command to Adam and Eve on what food they can eat and the food that they cannot eat. After that, He changed and distinguish clean from unclean animals but it was changed again. In our time,  the conclusion given by the Holy Spirit about food is the one that is written in the book of acts.