The 4 components of the Kingdom of God illustration and explanation

The article today will talk about the kingdom of gad that was mentioned in the bible. But in this article, we do not agree to what is the illustration and also the conclusion. What is sure is that thereĀ is the kingdom of God that we should belong for our salvation. Let us see the infographic presentation. It is sure that the essentials for a kingdom areĀ illustrated so we use it in this article for us to have an understanding.

In the infographic, you can see the illustration about the kingdom of God. It is true that we are the ones who should belong to the kingdom of God. It means Jesus is our king and we should follow Him. But how come we do not follow His commandments that He gave to us? One of the examples is that we should keep the Sabbath day in the correct way. Also, Jesus established the Passover of the new covenant for us to receive eternal life and return to the kingdom of Heaven.

If we want to be the people belonging to the kingdom of God then we must follow Him so that we could be saved. From the books of the old testament, He had given us the ten commandments and you can know or already know that we should not make anything that will let us commit idolatry. Let us not have our hope on this earth that would be destroyed but put it in the kingdom of heaven.