Culture or the Bible: Let us know if we should celebrate Christmas

Ther are many people who are now living on this earth and they claim and say that they are Christians. They love God and want to receive salvation from him but if we look at their actions it says otherwise. I am not an expert in the law but this is in my opinion based on the research that I had done. So if you have any suggestion or reaction you can do so in the space provided for you. Let us see the infographic below.

In this infographic, you have read about the five aspects of understanding about the practice of Christmas in comparison to the bible.  If the origin of one thing is the practice of pagan then we cannot sugarcoat it and changed it to the birthday of our God. There is already a strong evidence that the birthday of Jesus is not in the month of December but still, people are being blind to the true intention of the devil who devises tricks to lead people into destruction.

Please study carefully about this because it is related to your salvation. They already said in the human law that you are not excused in the impo=sition of it if you will say that you do not know that it exists. It is the same in the law of God. Now you already know that the Christmas being celebrated worldwide is just from the custom of the people and not from the biblical teachings even if you read the whole bible.