The 7 mountains mentioned in the bible and their significance

Because we love Christ and longed for Him that is why we make every effort to search things that are related to Him in the Bible. Because we like to know our savior so we read the bible and gain information about our savior. But sometimes because people do not know anything and that they do not understand what they should do and what they should understand that is why they just make things up. They just look for something they will discuss and say their opinion.

Here we can see in the infographic about the mountain that is in the bible. Mountains, as written in the infographic introduction, is present in the bible and so they make a summary of some of the mountains that are in the bible. From the old testament times to the time of Jesus they gathered information about the well-known mountains that includes mount Zion that king David had captured. It highlights one of the achievements of king david during his reign as king of Israel.

This mountain has been mentioned many times in the bible and there are prophecies about it that were fulfilled in this last days. If we will know about it then we have come into the way of salvation as written in the bible. Another mountain mentioned is mount Sinai where Moses received the ten commandments given by God. Another mountain is the mount of Olives where Jesus prayed before He was arrested and then was crucified.