The 10 commandments: The commandment for God and for the people

Almost all people know the ten commandments. When you will ask people what they should do to attain salvation, they answer that they should do good and follow the commandment of God. When you ask them what are the commandments of God they answer that one of them is to do good for your neighbor or to other people. We only know what we heard of but we should be awake and alert when it comes God’s commandment as it leads to salvation.

Now you have read the ten commandments. This commandment is the one taken from the bible. But if you will read it carefully you will notice that the set of commandments was divided into two groups. the commandment we should follow for God and the other is for our neighbor or fellow humans. The number one commandment until number four is a commandment for God that we should put more emphasis and importance for our salvation as it is our direct obedience toward God.

It says we should have no other gods, should not make idols, should not take the name of the savior to misuse and to remember the Sabbath commanded by God and let us keep it holy. Then we should keep worship on the day of Sabbath and also not make any idols as it is against the will of God. There is no exception to the word “any” so even a cross is an idol. Let us follow it together with the remaining commandments.