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The 10 commandments: The commandment for God and for the people

Almost all people know the ten commandments. When you will ask people what they should do to attain salvation, they answer that they should do good and follow the commandment of God. When you ask them what are the commandments of God they answer that one of them is to do good for your neighbor […]

The 7 mountains mentioned in the bible and their significance

Because we love Christ and longed for Him that is why we make every effort to search things that are related to Him in the Bible. Because we like to know our savior so we read the bible and gain information about our savior. But sometimes because people do not know anything and that they […]

Culture or the Bible: Let us know if we should celebrate Christmas

Ther are many people who are now living on this earth and they claim and say that they are Christians. They love God and want to receive salvation from him but if we look at their actions it says otherwise. I am not an expert in the law but this is in my opinion based […]

The 4 components of the Kingdom of God illustration and explanation

The article today will talk about the kingdom of gad that was mentioned in the bible. But in this article, we do not agree to what is the illustration and also the conclusion. What is sure is that there is the kingdom of God that we should belong for our salvation. Let us see the infographic […]

Knowing God’s unchanged characteristics in the old and new testament

If you believe that God in the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament then you can be able to understand that they are one and the same God. There are many mysteries of the bible that many people do not know because they want to listen only to what they want to […]

Separate the clean from unclean: The command of God regarding food

There are many people on this earth and each has their own faith that is based on the teachings of the church that they belong to. There are many who were born and was taught what they should eat and what they should not eat. This is because there is the regulation that was written […]

Understanding the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit for our faith

In this world, we can be able to meet many people that believe in God. Even if there is a decrease in the number of those who are called Christians but it is still one of the branches of religion that are well known around the world. Are you a Christian? Then do you know […]

Learning the true meaning of the trinity that many people believe

Majority of Christians say they believe in the Trinity. But if you will ask them to explain how it becomes like that they have a hard time. That is because there are Christians who just keep worship and do not study the bible because no one studies them what is the truth. Their church leaders only take care […]

Facts about Christianity in Australia Today

Christianity had become one of the biggest topic worldwide. It created wide range of debates as well. We all have our own set of beliefs and traditions which we learned from childhood. However, as time passes, these beliefs could change. Other people can change their religion according to circumstances. It’s up to us if we […]

Basic Understanding about the Holy Trinity

Every church has its own interpretations of the Bible. Among the debates that we often hear is about the Trinity. What is the Trinity all about? To understand it better, we must make use of the Bible as our basis. Why? Simply because the Bible was given to us to understand better about  God. Though […]