How Faith Changes Mindset

Faith and life goes hand and hand. People can feel the existence of a Supernatural being that manages the whole world. Although people do not believe in God, they believe in destiny. Why is that?

There is still a spark in the heart saying that God exists. If we have faith in God, we can take everything positively. There are times people could not endure all the hardships and pains and they say that life is so hard so some would take their life.

If we have faith in God, our mindset can be changed and we can make sure that there are so many good things that are still coming upon us. No matter what happens, we regard all of these as the process of being refined into a good person.

If we have faith in God, we change our grumbling mind into a thankful mind. When trials and hardships come our way, we come to complain against God and say, ‘Why do I have to suffer like this? or Why does it have to be me when there are so many wicked people out there who deserve to be punished?’.

If we have faith in God, we would value good and bad things that we go through and regard them as gift from God. We do not need to hurt our self and God with the wicked thoughts and grumbling attitudes that we have.

If we have faith in God, we do not focus on the secular things as everything in us but we also come to fear our God and make every effort in order to obey His words.