How People Think about Christianity

How do people think about Christianity? There has been a debate between and among religion about which religion is the true religion. People know very well about that Christians believe in Jesus as the only Savior. However, there are so many religions opposing each other claiming that their religion is the true religion. So many people believe that when you are a Christian, your life should be different from other people because there is a Christian Bible through which the teachings of the church should be based.


However, other people think that if Christians go against the Bible, then Christianity is wrong, which is bias because when other religion do not follow their own religion, people do not say that they are wrong. This is why people do not believe in Christianity but they think that Christians should be perfect beings. Why is that? Because Christians claim that they follow the Bible but in reality, it is very hard to follow the teachings of the Bible.

People think that if they Believe in God, they are called Christians. However, Christians follow Christ and therefore their is a need to follow all the teachings of the Bible.

People are not perfect but there is a need to follow all the teachings so that they can worthy to be called followers of Christ. It is very common that other religion despises Christianity since they do not accept what Christianity teaches. The fact that Christians fight with each other of which is the true church, people are disappointed with it.